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Domestic Short Hair | 8 Years 1 Month | Female

Meet Nermal, your new cuddle buddy! She has a fine taste for full-body massages and purrs like a boiling pot when you hit her spot. This lady also has a wide, robust face with a dainty nose and will adore lounging on your lap and getting all the rubs on her fluffy snowy belly. Despite being a softie, she’s got muscular limbs, especially in the triceps, and a stubborn attitude about staying right next to you. She is almost definitely an introvert who loves her long naps but is always trusting and affectionate any time you approach her and offer your pets as tribute and your own body as a lounging spot. Nermal would flourish in a quiet home and enjoy a calm companionship.

Nermal recently had eye surgery to remove her left eye and is recovering very well!

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