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Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 1 Month | Female

Sipha loves nothing more than to be pet, and bonus points if she’s sitting in your lap while you do it. She’ll purr non-stop, offer you her chin, and give you loving headbutts. Sipha was likely someone’s pet at some point, but has been living on the streets for a while. She was being fed by a kind person and has had at least two litters. As a result, while she adores humans, she’s a wary cat and frightens easily at loud noises and sudden movements. Don’t worry about her disappearing under the bed for too long, however. Just offer her cuddles and she’ll come right back out. Sipha is a very chill cat (not a whole lot of zoomies to deal with) and would do better as your one-and-only pet in a household free of children.

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