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Gino & Negroni

Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 6 Months | Male

Negroni and Gino may not be related, but they definitely act like brothers. Negroni is the playful, excited little brother that's always following Gino around. When Gino goes to a room, Negroni follows after. If Gino is eating, Negroni stays close by and watches. Negroni loves to play with feather toys and chase springs back and forth all day. When they cuddle together on the couch or the bed, they take turns grooming each other and sometimes even fall asleep next to each other. Gino is the calm and sweet-natured big brother. He warms up to you almost immediately and will sit by you for pets and snuggles. He loves to be near you and will follow you wherever you go. Both cats really enjoy being around each other, and they bring out the best in one another. Negroni is less shy when Gino is around, and Gino is more relaxed when Negroni is nearby. They are both just so sweet!

Editor's note: This is an epic cat love story. Trapped near each other, their rescuer assumed they were friends but not particularly attached to each other, just fans of other cats. When they were sent to separate foster homes Gino cried all night and Negroni retreated under a sink and hissed and swiped. As soon as they were reunited all of that fell away. They had just been pining!

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