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Domestic Short Hair | 11 Years 6 Months | Male

Finn is a sweet and curious cat who adores being pet – even his belly! He gets chatty when he knows it’s feeding time and will sometimes meow just for the heck of it – lots of fun “meowing” back and forth with his human. He is fed once a day in the evenings and thrives on this routine. He’s been steadily warming up to his foster’s two roommates. Finn is a great work from home buddy, always respectful of the need for space and quiet. He likes his own space and can nap for hours, so if you live a busy life, you won’t need to worry about keeping him entertained or out of trouble. When beckoned, though, he always comes out ready to play. If you’re looking for an affectionate, self-reliant, mature companion, Finn is the guy for you. His favorite things are chasing his cat charmer, chin scratches, and napping in windows. 



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