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GusGus & Fievela

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months 8 Days |

Gus and Fivela are cute, cuddly and so much fun! Gus is a hilarious little guy with a huge personality. He likes to pretend to only be interested in playtime, but he actually loves to be snuggled and pet, and rubbing his little face against your face. He is quick to reciprocate love with loud purrs and the most loving gaze and enjoys being carried around like a baby!

Fivela is silly and active, usually scampering around ready to attack the next foot she sees. Even though playtime is her number one priority, Fivela can also appreciate a good head or chin scratch and and actively seeks out human company at all times. She’s got a surprisingly loud purr on her and is basically a one-cat biscuit factory!

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