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Cork & Maple

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 27 Days |

Maple and Cork are two absolutely adorable kittens with sweetness and goofiness to spare. It’s hard to snap photos of these speedy siblings because they’ve always got the zoomies! Their favorite things are climbing your legs like a tree, pouncing on cat toys with a vengeance, and purring angelically when their kitten energy finally runs out. Maple is a very handsome black cat with a big belly and gorgeous green eyes. When he’s not wrestling with his sister, he’s a sucker for scritches and being held like a baby. Cork is a very petite girl with the smallest, cutest kissable face. She loves playing hide and seek and finding new heights to climb around the apartment. Together they’re an unstoppable pair, and would bring so much love and laughter to their adoptive home.

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