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Domestic Short Hair | 6 Years 3 Months | Female

Yarrow is a sweet, cuddly lady who loves to snuggle! She spends most of her day napping on every available soft/warm surface: on the couch, armchair, the sweatshirt that was accidentally left on the floor for an hour. Despite only having one eye, she maneuvers expertly through the apartment. Yarrow doesn’t have a traditional ‘meow’ (she will open her mouth to meow but only a barely discernible squeak will come out) - though she has something that sounds like chronic congestion / asthma that makes her sound like a mini one-eyed Darth Vader. Occasionally, when she’s really trying to get your attention, she’ll howl (sounds like someone complaining “Ow…. Ow….”). But no meowing. Just sniffling and occasional howling, no in between! She is such a gem. 

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