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Domestic Short Hair | 14 Years 6 Months | Female

Now is your chance to say “Honey, I’m home!” This petite tortie will be there to great you with a stop, drop and roll! Honey loves catnip and wand toys, as well as a good scritching. She prefers human company over the company of other cats and would do best as the only cat in the house. While she’s not much of a lap cat, she does love to be near her humans at all times. She will follow you into the kitchen when you get up to get a snack, and is happy to share your work chair or your bed, or just curl up nearby, wherever you happen to be at the moment. Honey is quite vocal and will often treat her humans to a throaty meow and a hearty rumbling purr. Honey has a thyroid condition that is easily managed with a small and inexpensive pill placed in her food or in a treat twice daily.

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