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Gingerbread & Spooky

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 2 Months |

Gingerbread was fiery and hissy at first, but she quickly adapted to most of indoor life but she still needs a little patience and understanding. She loves to sit on the AC and explore the outside world or sleep in a corner next to the radiator. She enjoys scratches behind the ear and playing with her bff Spooky! She is a bit indifferent towards snacks and food, but is willing to eat from your hand. Be prepared for this spicy sweet combination!

Spooky is a playful and curious social kitten who enjoys great snuggle time with her chosen human. She can still be a little shy if one of us big humans enter the room but she will soon be back out in the open looking for something to play with. She enjoys receiving scratches on the head and relaxing in a patch of sun. Give her a treat or two and she will nibble on your fingers!

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