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Not a Cupcake

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 6 Months | Female

Cupcake was found abandoned in a carrier in the apartment of a tenant that had been evicted. As soon as she sees a hand coming and gives it a little sniff she will flop over so that she can relax as she's getting some well deserved scritches. She enjoys playtime with fishing rod style toys and will charge after a laser pointer. Not a Cupcake has a skittish disposition and is good at hiding, especially when first getting to know a place. Once she settles in she enjoys playing with toys and receiving pets from a trusted human, including belly rubs, and she even cuddles up in bed. She is quiet most of the time and unobtrusive at night, but has a loud meow she occasionally deploys for attention. She is a good eater, a good litter box user, and an overall low maintenance cat. She will eat plants if tempted, so keep them out of her way.

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