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Domestic Short Hair | 5 Years 3 Months | Female

Vixen is a small female tabby with adorable white cheeks and a long tail. Vixen is a confident cat and will immediately greet and rub against strangers. She is quiet and calm and spends most of her time lounging where she can have a good view of the room. She likes to have her head and back brushed, and to play with toys. When she gets the zoomies, she sometimes puffs her tail out all the way and romps around. Vixen will meow unhappily or hiss if you try to pick her up or touch forbidden areas like the legs and belly. That said, with a bribe of Meow Mix Irresistibles cat treats she has become much more accepting of petting and she may continue to adjust. Vixen does not like other cats. Respect her needs and she makes an affectionate, incredibly cute, and easy-going little friend!

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