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Goodman & Feathertop

Domestic Short Hair | 11 Months 4 Days | Male

The Hawthorne kittens didn’t have the best start in life. They were trapped in a yard with 20 other cats and the owner asked that all of them be euthanized. Of course, that wasn’t happening and we were happy to snap them up and introduce them to the good, warm, treat-filled, life.

Young Goodman Brown is a champ with the wand toy and a scourge to toy mice everywhere. Feathertop is a brave explorer  always keen to find the highest perch. If Feathertop finds a new adventure, Goodman is never far behind. These sweet brothers have a blast playing with each other - chasing, tumbling and climbing. They're currently in a foster home with three kids, and after a few weeks to settle in they are fully part of the family. Feathertop is easy to pick up for a cuddle while Young Goodman appreciates a good scritching behind the ears. They sleep curled around each other in a heart-melting tableau.

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