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Extra Cuddles

Domestic Short Hair | 10 Years 7 Months | Female

Extra Cuddles is a whole lot of cat with even more personality! This hefty lady (currently 19 pounds) takes a little while to warm up to you and feel safe in her surroundings, but your patience will be rewarded once she comes out of her shell. In her time with her foster so far, Extra Cuddles has revealed herself to be a hilariously charming girl with strong opinions and a healthy amount of sass. She is also secretly a huge sweetheart with a love of ear scratches, but you have to get past her “tough” side first.

Her extra weight hasn’t stunted her curiosity, as she’ll spend most of her waking hours exploring her new digs (she is adamant about someday being able to climb into the bathtub). As long as she continues to slowly and steadily shed those pounds with a 100% wet food diet, her new owner will be responsible for drastically improving her quality of life. Think about how rewarding it will be to see E.C. regain mobility and be able to jump and climb around to her heart’s content!

Extra Cuddles has a lot of strict preferences on how she likes to be pet and handled by her caretakers; She’s very easy to read! For the most part, she’ll come to you when she’s looking for affection and head-bonks and she’ll leave when she’s ready to be left alone. Sometimes she can get a bit over-stimulated with back scratches or brushing which leads to growling and (extremely halfhearted) hissing, so she would likely do best in a home with no other cats or young children to test her boundaries.

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