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Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 3 Months | Female

Trixie is super loving and affectionate once she gets to know you — she’s a big fan of belly rubs, basking in the sun and staring out the window. Some more of her favorite activities are chasing and fighting tiny objects she finds on the floor, midnight zoomies and letting out the tiniest high-pitched meow to get you to notice her. She likes her alone time, but also loves to sneak up on you to ask for scritches on her head and maybe some treats. She doesn’t love getting picked up and won’t get in your lap, but if she’s in the mood, she’ll respond to your calls or finger snaps with her signature head bumps and belly rolls. If you’re looking for a calm and reliable companion who will sit right beside you, look at you with big amber eyes, and appreciate your presence, then Trixie’s tiny meow is calling to you.

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