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Fusion & Soot

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months 10 Days |

Fusion and Soot spend hours together wrestling and doing laps with one another, which provides for the best and cutest entertainment. Their main shared hobbies are birdwatching, catching treats you throw to them and chasing a cat laser.

Fusion (gray and white tabby) is very curious and eager to follow you around. He is still learning to trust humans, but if you have anything tasty, you pass the test. Soot (white with gray markings) will give you a purr and a flop for head and chin stitches. She is an adventure climber and will find her way to the top of your closet and cabinets. Fusion will join you at bedtime to chase your toes and sleep at the bottom of your bed. Soot will curl up right in your arms — and share a pillow. 

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