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Domestic Short Hair | 15 Years 1 Month | Female

JWoww is a genteel dame whose party days are well behind her, but is still game to share all the pearls of wisdom from her hard-knock-life days. She is content to sleep the day away in a cozy corner of your home, but when she is awake, she targets her humans for pets with lots of purry headbutts. She loves getting gentle brushes and will headbutt you to show her appreciation. She also loves to announce when she is done with her bathroom trip with some yowls like Eartha Kitt. She takes her hyperthyroid medicine like a champ, especially when it’s tucked into a Churu stick or crushed into her wet food. Like all of us, she knows that variety is the spice of life when it comes to food. Given the years under her belt, not a lot of things faze her, but she appreciates a roll in some catnip every now and then, and will chase something shiny reflected off the sun. JWoww’s ideal humans are gentle, caring, and does not mind the extra TLC required of loving a wise, wispy sweetheart. Could it be you?

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