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Uncle Andy

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Years 6 Months | Male

What is the definition of unrequited love? Crack open a dictionary and you will find a picture of Uncle Andy. This handsome tabby with a perma-grump-face is a favorite of volunteers and cats alike — and although he tries not to admit it, he loves the attention.

Uncle Andy was living outside in a slightly managed colony in Fort Greene. He was not the focus of a local trapping project as he already had an eartip, but he was generally hanging around the action. After his third time entering a trap for a tasty treat, we decided to give this guy a try at indoor life — and it took! Although shy on the approach, Uncle Andy adores scritches and pets and tolerates being held, hiding his face in the crook of your arm, but then start purr-snoring. According to every kitten and most adult cat at the cafe, he is an extremely comfortable pillow and snooze-partner.

Uncle Andy would be an incredible companion to a relaxed adult looking for a cuddle buddy in a quiet home.

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