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Leaflet & Wallaby

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 6 Days |

Leaflet & Wallaby can bring all that and more. Leaflet (calico) might be tiny but her mighty personality makes up for that. She’s always looking for cuddles and hugs but even more so looking for the next toy to pounce. She’s got the gift of gab so there will never be a boring moment with her around.

Wallaby (black) is a little more reserved but once you’ve got him in your arms, he becomes an instant purr machine. He balances Leaflet out, but do not let his calm demeanor fool you – once a toy catches his eye, he’s ready to let his inner panther out.

They’ll play and pounce with each other and once you have a churu snack out, they’ll come running to you with their ears perked up. They are each other's cuddle buddies and would love for you to join the club too.

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