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Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 0 Months | Female

Coverlet is an affectionate young lady who will happily greet you every time you walk in a room and stop you in your tracks when she turns her amber colored eyes your way. This dainty young mom is so soft you’ll be tempted to call her cashmere. While petite, this lithe feline can stretch out, basketball player tall, to look out the window or reach up to tell you her latest thought. Coverlet will soon be free of her maternal responsibilities and is more than ready to launch into her single lady life with a new human family. 

A talkative and curious lady, Coverlet is equally chatty with her kittens and her human friends. If you don’t speak it already, she will teach you the special language of Cat in no time flat. Still very much a kitten herself, she loves to play with balls, catnip-filled toy mice, and feather toys. She’s friendly with other cats and has adapted seamlessly to  the resident cats in her fosterer’s home. Truly a genteel creature, Coverlet keeps herself neat and tidy and grooms herself (and her kittens) with dedication. She has a special combination of alertness and inner calm, happy to be picked up or held and always aware of her surroundings. She finds humans unceasingly interesting and is thoroughly socialized to people.

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