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Pinwheel & Royal Dansk

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 24 Days | Male

Pinwheel and Royal Dansk are two sweet brothers looking for a home together where they can receive a lot of pets and scritches.

Pinwheel (bigger grey) is obsessed with cuddling. He likes to follow his human around and will never say no to lap time. He purrs up a storm as soon as you start petting him. Royal Dansk (smaller grey) has the softest fur and big, round eyes. Just like his brother, Pinwheel, Royal Dansk is also a cuddlebug.

Pinwheel and Royal Dansk are easy-going and curious. They love to chase wand toys and have displayed exceptional jumping skills during play sessions. While they are not busy seeking attention from their human, you can find them napping together on their cat bed or scratcher with their bellies up.

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