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Domestic Short Hair | 5 Years 1 Month |

Zumba is just the sweetest, petite little cat. She is very easy-going and is perfectly content with taking naps in her cat bed throughout the day. While not particularly food-motivated, she IS 100% driven by the pets. A few chin-scratches and she’ll be your bestie for life. She can be a bit skittish when it comes to loud and unfamiliar noises (who isn’t?!) but with a little cuddle-time she acclimates quickly. She is never vocal unless you are in the room and available for the afore-mentioned pets, in which case she’s happy to carry on a conversation with you. She’s all-around a very relaxed, easy kitty to have and would make an excellent solo companion or could be adopted into a home with another friendly cat. As of now, Zumba would most likely do best in a calm and quieter home without too much human foot traffic.

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