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Quilt & Sham

Domestic Long Hair / Domestic Short Hair | 3 Months 5 Days |

Quilt is predominantly gray with small patches of white and orange. At about 9 weeks, this girl-kitten is a confident explorer with a plush toy face and a happy surprised look. Her kitten coat is extra fuzzy and she may grow up to be a longer-haired feline. She loves to play hide and seek with her siblings and will crab hop her way to a pounce and tumble. 

Sham is a gray tabby boy with prominent stripes and the classic M stripe on his forehead. His big, blue-a eyes dominate his V-shaped kitten face. Sham loves to run and wrestle but also will snuggle in a pile of pillows for quiet time. Very curious yet quiet, he will surprise you with his silent comings and goings. 

Together they enjoy playing with the ball tower, feather toys, as well as tag and king of the hill. The kittens oscillate between high activity and heavy napping (when they are often found cuddling together). The kittens are fully socialized to humans and are comfortable being held (though often too busy to stay still for very long).

Quilt and Sham are interchangeable with their litter-mates Snuggie and Duvet and cannot be adopted as a single kitten. The siblings were raised from birth by their mom, Coverlet. They’ve learned all the essential kitten skills and good grooming habits from their very fastidious mom and can be considered very good household citizens.

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