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Earthquake & Wildfire

Domestic Short Hair | 11 Months 24 Days |

This sweet brother and sister duo liven up the house with their playful antics and their energy. Though they have different – but strong – personalities, this bonded pair does EVERYTHING together. From sharing food, toys, hiding spots, naps, treats (oh how they love Churu treats), and cuddles, these two are inseparable, and their love for each other cannot be denied.

Earthquake (brown DSH with spots) is fearless and loves to mosey on over throughout the day to say hello to you or cuddle. He is full of playful energy and is always looking for a good time. His sister Wildfire (white/black DSH) trusts her brother and is always one step behind him joining in on the fun. Wildfire takes her time warming up to you, but it is a beautiful feeling when she starts to trust and says hello to you (in her own Wildfire way of course). She loves to investigate new corners of the house and most importantly, she loves her brother. Earthquake understands his sister and worries and calls out for her if he cannot find his partner in crime. Similarly, Wildfire gains her confidence and thirst for adventure from her brother who is always close by with a toy for them to share.

These two kittens are the epitome of love and loyalty between siblings, and they compliment each other’s personality so well. Best way to discover their personalities? Throw a toy in the air and watch both of them lunge at it! You can tell immediately which of the two is adventurous and which one is the ‘genius hunter’ in the family. Regardless of their different approaches to life and affection, there is no denying that these two will keep your house and heart full of joy and laughter.

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