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Lavender Haze

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Years 8 Months | Female

Lavender Haze is an adorable girl rescued from a hoarding situation with over 60 cats. After having spent so much time being one of many, she’s ready to be able to keep all of her peoples’ attention for herself. 

Lavender is low key, low maintenance, and independent cat. She isn’t the kind of cat who will run up to you, begging for attention, but she likes to be pet if offered! What she can’t resist is meal time; tasty treats are her favorite. She is curious and playful in short bursts, and after each mini expedition she returns to her favorite nooks and sleeping spots. 

Because Lavender haze lived in a home with so many other cats, we’re unsure how much interaction she’s had with humans. Because of this, she is uncomfortable with certain things like being picked up and held. It’s possible that this will change over time, but she needs an adopter who’s willing to follow her lead and respect her boundaries. Lavender haze is the polite roommate you’ve always wanted!

This cat will need dental surgery sometime in the near future – we’re happy to tell you more if you’re interested in adopting!

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