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Domestic Short Hair | 3 Years 10 Months | Female

Bebe is a shy, gentle girl who, deep down, loves head scratches and squeezy treats even though she tries her best to hide it. She will definitely need some time and lots of pep talks to help her feel safe and comfortable, though she might momentarily forget and stretch out belly side up if you’re giving her a good brushing.

She is small, plump, and has round, expressive eyes, which will make her look like a kitten forever! She is extremely gentle even when stuck in scary situations (like being put in the carrier or meeting new people) - she won’t use her claws on anything other than making biscuits and her teeth for anything other than eating crunchy treats. That being said, she will likely need to stay in a quiet home with no other pets. It will be so rewarding to watch her grow into the confident and loving cat she is! 

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