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TW & Sapling

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 6 Months |

These siblings are a hilarious duo. Both are gorgeous, sleek black cats, Sapling with fiery red undertones in her fur that glow in the sunlight and TW with adorable white markings on his belly that resemble a bikini (perfect for him because he loves to sunbathe). 

Sapling likes to be in the same room as other people, or birdwatching out a window. She’ll let you pet her, but in true cat fashion it has to be on her terms. She is a fanatic for feathers and toys with bells on them and will gladly play all day. 

TW is a big shy sweetheart. It takes him a while to come out of his shell and he likes a cozy place to retreat to when new people are around. When he gets to know you, he curls right up next to you ready for pets and belly rubs.

They’re both great eaters with a taste for fishy treats! They love an opportunity to play around with either ribbons or proper cat toys. They love playing and wrestling with each other and get along very well with other cats. That said, they’re also happy being the only two cats around. They’d make an adorably great addition to your house/apartment. 

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