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Domestic Short Hair | 6 Years 10 Months | Male

Yakitori has so much love to give! This handsome guy is many things: a gentle giant, a dog trapped in a cat's body, and a real goofball despite his stoic face. He is social and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He approaches people with eager curiosity in hopes plenty of attention is in store for him. He’s so easy-going that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t even faze him as a bonus.

Yakitori is happy to indulge in low key activities like napping, people watching, and watching TV. Mouse toys and balls are some of his favorites to chase around the house (he even used to play fetch for some time). When it's time for cuddle time, he will politely coming up to you with adorable chirps and trills. 

Other than his favorite human, Yakitori loves food (don't we all?). Whatever you’re having, he wants it too, and will try his best to beg for it. Keep a close eye on any food left unattended, otherwise he might just run off with it.

Whether you need a pick-me-up during the day or a warm presence by your side at night, Yakitori is your perfect match. Yakitori is just happy to be a part of whatever you have going on. See how your day will look like with Yaki:

Yakitori is FIV+ and will live a normal healthy and long life when provided with quality care such as a balanced diet and yearly wellness exams (like any cat). As FIV+ is not transmittable between neutered/spayed cats under normal circumstances, we are happy for FIV+ cats to mingle with FIV- cats in their adoptive homes

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