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Mulch & Miracle Gro

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 28 Days | Female

Mulch and Miracle Gro are two female kittens with lots of energy and lots of love to give. Mulch is brown, black and white and extra fluffy. Her fluff is like petting a cloud and she purrs easily when given attention. She can be a bit timid when she’s on her own but when she follows Miracle Gro’s lead she gains confidence. 

Miracle Gro (black and white), although the smaller of the two, is the bravest. Miracle Gro loves to explore and goes on adventures with Mulch where she confidently leads the way. She is an athletic little jumper and fearlessly explores surfaces at all heights. She also loves to jump up to laps and shoulders and provides an abundance of nose boops. 

Together Mulch and Miracle Gro entertain each other endlessly with their kitten antics and when they get sleepy they cuddle up together in a cozy spot. When they lose each other they call out with cute squeaky meows. Both kittens adore meal times and show their appreciation with head butts and rubs.

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