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Loppers & Perlite

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 28 Days | Female

All cats are perfect, but Loppers and Perlite are some of the most perfect, loving, sociable, curious, hilarious, well-adjusted kittens in the history of kittens. These two sisters are afraid of nothing, want to be sitting right next to you (or on you) at all times, instantly purr when you pet or pick them up, have the cutest little squeaky meows, love to streeeetch during their naps in the sun, and will play with their favorite toy (a spring) for hours on end. 

Loppers is mostly white with a tabby face and tail and a few spots. Perlite is tabby on the back, white on the belly, and is very petite, somehow making her extra cute. They both feature extremely cute pink toe beans. Their purrs are seriously loud. Both kittens are exceptionally friendly, but Pearlite especially would like to be as close as possible to you at all times, kneading whatever surface (including you) that is handy. 

In their foster home, Loppers and Perlite did great with the somewhat ornery resident adult male cat, and weren’t afraid of the vacuum, the roomba, thunder, getting medication, music, visitors, or anything else. Their fosters say these kittens are seriously the easiest, most well-adjusted lover-kittens that they have ever fostered. Whomever adopts these sisters will be a very lucky human indeed.

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