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Bamba & Bissly

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months 12 Days | Female

Bamba is a dark gray and black tabby girl. She loves to play, explore, and hang out with people, and will lean in closer for pets and scratches. She is a calm and sweet cat, very easy to get along with. When she decides she needs attention, she’ll usually let you know by walking up and meowing a bit and it always satisfied with some cuddling. 

Bissly is a gray and black tabby like her sister. It may take her a little more time to feel comfortable with new people but she warms up quickly with the offer of treats and gentle invitations to play. Once she’s settled in, she adores pets and head scratches. 

Bamba and Bissly’s favorite toy is a bird feather toy and favorite activity is wrestling with each other. Frequently found playing hide and seek, they’ll pop out and surprise each other and their humans.

These curious, gentle girls will bring a world of love to humans lucky enough to give them a new home.

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