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Shadow MXV

Domestic Short Hair | 8 Years 2 Months | Male

Shadow is an elderly man with a heart of gold. His only concerns are pets, breakfast, dinner, and lap time. He's mostly blind, so he’s a bit of a wobbly fellow which adds to his endearing character.

If he’s not sleeping sounding, he is truly a shadow, following his foster from room to room with a marching-man-like step.

But his biggest desire? Proximity. He paws at chairs, the couch, and the bed for assistance so he can (eventually) plop happily in a lap once he reaches his pet quota. Some days he’s feeling strong and can make it up on his own! But for the most part Shadow stays grounded and enjoys snoozing (deeply) in his designated bed-side spot. His foster works from home and Shadow enjoys helping by snoozing in her lap or beneath her feet.

He’s really the sweetest boy who asks for so little and has been through so much. He has unconditional love to give and makes for an excellent companion. Shadow MXV is mostly blind, and we'd be happy to tell you all about caring for a vision-impaired cat.

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