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Abracadabra & Hocus Pocus

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 1 Month | Female

Abracadabra (black & white) and Hocus Pocus (tuxedo) are a pair of bonded sisters and two of the most affectionate and friendly girls you’ll ever meet! From the moment they arrived at their foster’s home, they immediately were ready to explore and get to know their new home and new people. Neither cat has a shy bone in her body and they will fearlessly explore their surroundings and play with whatever you have available, whether that’s a cardboard box (Abracadabra’s personal favorite!), a paper bag, or a cat wand. Hocus Pocus is especially fond of her sparkle ball toy and loves to play fetch with it up and down the hallway! Their adventurous and playful spirit is contagious and they will have you laughing at their playful antics in no time. 

Throughout the day, you will find these two cuddled up together for a sunny nap in their favorite window hammock when they’re not wrestling with each other. They love birding from their window perch and also enjoy trying to catch insects through the glass. Both kittens love food and treats and are not picky about what they eat. Abracadabra “sings” before each feeding in excitement. Hocus Pocus and Abracadabra love to cuddle, with each other, and also with their fosters. They love receiving pets and even belly rubs and are always happy to be the center of attention. Hocus Pocus is a world class biscuit maker and will get to baking a batch at any time of day, but especially when she’s lounging on her favorite fuzzy blanket. They love a good brushing session and are often caught grooming each other while sunning in the window.

They’re great around new people and frequently come asking for pets with their adorable little meows / squeaks. Both girls run to greet their fosters whenever they come home, even if they were snoozing just moments before! They are good with children as well as with dogs, even if their friendliness is not reciprocated. Abracadabra has a history of seizures beginning in June 2023, but she has not had any subsequent seizures since starting treatment for idiopathic epilepsy. She didn’t miss a beat and has maintained her active, curious, and adventurous nature. Although Hocus Pocus has a cloudy eye, you would never know it because it doesn’t stop her from shooting you cute looks from across the room. If you’re looking for friendly, cuddly, playful, lap kittens who can turn any cat-skeptic into a cat lover, look no further than Hocus Pocus and Abracadabra. 

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