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A pair called Halloumi & Patata Brava

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 3 Months |

Meet Halloumi and Patata Brava! This brother and sister duo takes a bit of time to warm up, but once they do they will be involved in everything that you are! 

Halloumi (male, white with tabby markings) is a sweet boy who loves snuggling above all else. If you aren’t able to find him, simply start talking in your best baby voice to another cat (even an imaginary cat will work) and he will come running from the other room to ensure you have the opportunity to pet him as well. Halloumi is shy at first and takes a while to feel comfortable, but once he does you will never snuggle alone again. 

Patata Brava (female, tabby), is a bit of a diva and mostly wants playtime and treats from her humans rather than cuddles. However, as she warms up she will also curl up next to you on the couch and permit some pets in exchange for her room and board. More outgoing than her brother, she will follow you around the apartment carefully noting your activities for the day. Just beware: she is a bit of a thief and will steal anything that has toy potential. 

Halloumi and Patata Brava have come a long way on their journey to trusting humans and would do best in a patient home without children and some previous cat experience. They are great with other cats as well as with the free-range rabbit living in their foster home and have wonderful manners (aside from the occasional petty theft). Check out more photos and learn more about them at @southslopefoster on Instagram! 


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