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Halloumi & Patata Brava

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 0 Months |

Meet Halloumi and Patata Brava! These two are a brother and sister duo that love to play, explore, and get into all sorts of mischief together. 

Halloumi (male, white with tabby markings) is a sweet boy who loves to play, snuggle, and start a game of hide and seek with his sister. He is usually the one initiating playtime or is looking for the adult cat living in his foster home, who he loves to cuddle up with after a long day. While still not fully convinced that people are just as good at cuddling as other cats, he will curl up with you on the couch to watch his favorite shows. 

Patata Brava (female, tabby), is a curious girl with an intense love of all sorts of food. Don’t mistake her small size for a small personality; she usually initiates the household troublemaking and will quickly convince Halloumi to join in. While less trusting than Halloumi, the quickest way to Patata Brava’s heart is through churu treats. Just beware- she doesn’t quite understand that the packaging (and sometimes your fingers) are not part of the treat!

Halloumi and Patata Brava are still learning how to trust people but are making great progress. Both are great with other cats and enjoy learning about the household rabbit living in their foster home. They would make a wonderful addition for someone with the patience to help them fully realize the comforts of indoor living! Want to learn more about these babies? Check out @southslopefoster on IG. 

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