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Juicy Lucy & Shalo

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months 30 Days | Female

Sometimes the odd ones out make the best of friends. Shalo (b+w) and Juicy Lucy (tabby) both came from odd number litters and it was a match made in heaven between these two. Both are shy but are deeply curious about any and everything. Once they find your hand for a scritch/pet, they never want you to stop. And they really come out of the shell if you’ve got a churu or a pew pew (laser toy) in hand. 

Even though she’s a few weeks younger, Juicy Lucy is the one that takes the lead and she’s not afraid to assert her dominance by giving Shalo a good grooming. Juicy Lucy is a wand toy aficionado and does not discriminate between the type. She is not afraid to use her meows to get what she wants, usually your love&attention or that dinner is 5 minutes late. She also loves to watch cooking videos and will lie on your lap watching until she gets bored and falls asleep on you. 

Shalo is on the shyer side but loves giving headbutts so just leave your hand out and she’ll happily give it a few bumps before letting you give her scritches and sometimes full butt elevator pets! She’s got the cutest white belly (think reverse skunk) which she loves to show off when she’s laying on her side taking in the sights or when she’s got the zoomies. 

Patience is key with these girls but once they come out of the shell, the love, purrs and meows they will shower you with makes it well worth the wait.

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