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Phylactery & Token Chester

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 20 Days | Male

Phylactery "Phyl" Chester is a super sweet brown and white tabby boy who’s an expert at chasing his own tail. He enjoys tumbling with his brother Token. He’s smart and affectionate, and what he really loves is being cuddled, especially in your lap or on your chest so he can nuzzle up against your neck and purr right in your ear. 

Token Chester is a sleek, adventurous tabby boy with the eyes of a lynx. He is chatty and playful and all about the ear rubs. He’ll even lean into your hand to make sure you get just the right spot. He loves chasing ball toys and wrestling with his brother “Phyl”. He loves attention almost as much as he loves play so he is cool with being picked up and held, and enjoys belly rubs.

Excitement and snuggles in abundance from this pair!

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