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Nuddy Pants & Fast Camel

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 3 Months |

Prepare to be charmed by Nuddypants and Fast Camel, two tuxedo cats with personalities as unique as their names. These two siblings are looking for a loving home where they can share their love for snuggles, lap time, and play.

With his sleek black and white coat, Nuddypants is the epitome of elegance and grace. His favorite pastime? Curling up in your lap and purring his heart out. He's a true snuggle champion who's always up for a cuddle session, whether you’re watching TV, cooking, or trying to get some work done.

Fast Camel (grey and white) lives up to her name with boundless energy and a playful spirit. While she may be a bit more shy initially, with space and patience, Fast Camel opens up, gaining confidence and showing her affectionate side. She’ll join cuddles even if there’s arguably no space (she doesn’t fit… she still sits?)

Both cats love showing affection through licks, headbuts, being their foster’s shadow, and just generally keeping them company.

These two kittens love watching roombas from various perches, playing with each other, laser pointers, and those ball-on-tracks toys. They are generally very quiet (except for when purring), sometimes letting out squeaks or small meows. They let their foster sleep through the night despite not being allowed in the bedroom. 

They have no issues using a litter box, but will munch on things that pique their interest (plants and the occasional book)--so be careful to keep your space clear of any items you wouldn’t want them to munch on! They truly are wonderful, affectionate cats and will thrive in a loving, forever home.


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