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Raelynn Riverdale

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Years 3 Months | Female

Raelynn is a very sweet and playful girl who comes off shy at first but she’s very curious and once she warms up, she will slowly open herself up to you. She loves to play fetch but will happily keep herself entertained with her plush toys. She also enjoys sitting on the window eagerly watching everything that moves. She gets very vocal (not loud, just chatty) when it’s feeding time or when she wants to play but other than that she is very quiet and will spend most of her day napping. Despite her cautiousness, she is okay with meeting new people and is good around kids. She's an independent lady who prefers when you allow her to come to you for any pets and cuddles, and she appreciates having her own space and takes it upon herself to retreat to a separate room or one of her beds when she needs a break. It would be best for her to be in a home as a single cat.


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