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Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 9 Months | Female

Pacman is an absolutely adorable 2 year old tabby who loves nothing more than finding the best nap spot in the house, and then not moving for the rest of the day. She is best suited for a house with no other animals as she is the queen and doesn’t need any animals coming for her throne. Once she’s comfortable in her living space, she loves to sleep on your lap or your chest, and her idea of a good day is one that starts with sleeping in, nestled by your legs. This petite cat can sleep comfortably on most anyone without being a burden. When not on top of you, she loves to be near you, whether on a cushion on the floor by your feet or curled up on the sofa, and nothing’s cozier than being tucked under a blanket. 

She will set boundaries (mostly about touching her bell) but when you respect those she’s the loveliest cuddler. 

She’s not a scaredy cat, often coming right up to a visitor and settling down on their lap. She also is not a flight risk and has shown zero interest in what lies beyond the door of her foster’s apartment. 

Pacman will play every now and then (a laser pointer makes for a confusing and exciting toy), but seems confused by her own hunting instinct and loses interest quickly. She won’t fight being picked up, but doesn’t seem to enjoy it either. 

She prefers wet food and benefits from a slow feeding mat to prevent her tummy from getting upset, but she’ll eat dry food with encouragement.

Though her gentle warning bites can give a first impression of her being a fighter, she’s a lover at heart and just wants a cozy home where she feels safe and at ease. She’s the perfect companion for someone who wants a low-maintenance buddy.

This cat would prefer to be adopted alone and be the only cat in the home.

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