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Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 2 Months | Male

Buster is the cutest little guy ever! While he is very shy, he is also full of personality and will make it known fairly quickly! Upon arriving at his foster home, he was shy and unsure of the new humans in his life. After a few days of watching us from across the room, he has warmed up and is getting more comfortable and confident every day! Though shy with humans, he was instantly obsessed with his foster brothers and sister and couldn’t wait to play with them! He is full of playful energy and can’t get enough of his toys. His favorite games with his foster siblings are hide and go seek and chase, and he tends to get a serious case of the zoomies at least once a day. He will thrive in a home with an energetic playmate! He is also obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror- he must know he’s a handsome guy. He is very very vocal and will not hesitate to let you know when he needs playtime! This goofy little guy also enjoys occasionally using his paw like a spoon in order to scoop his food out of his bowl while eating—surprisingly without making a mess! While we are still getting to know his favorite ways to interact with humans, and we are confident he will be a snuggle bug once he warms up!


Buster must be adopted along with another cat, or to a home that already has at least one cat who will match his playful energy!

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