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Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 4 Months |

Holly is a tiny, beautiful, young, brownish gray and white tabby cat. Like many rescue cats, we don't know much about her past. Her right eye has a lesion that makes it a bit cloudy, but she does not let that stop her curious explorations nor does it limit her eyesight! She is a mellow girl who is initially and understandably wary of change and transitions but easily won over by treats and pets.

While she was initially very shy, Holly’s personality has emerged and she is growing more comfortable by leaps and bounds every day at her foster home. She may be cautious in new spaces initially, but this girl is highly adaptable and warms to new humans quickly, especially if they’re in possession of a bag of treats!

Her nature is sweet and endearing, and she melts with a good neck scritch. She likes to spend her days on a windowsill napping and staring out at the squirrels, and her evenings on a desk chair grooming herself. She’s not overly demanding about attention or feeding times so she won't wake you up too early to be fed, and she knows how to keep herself occupied when her humans are busy. She is not huge into toys but has a couple of small stuffed ones she bats around when she’s feeling frisky.

She’s probably best suited for a slightly more experienced cat parent who has the flexibility to work from home and spend time with her. She needs patient humans who can give her the time and reassurance she needs to feel safe and loved.

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