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Chapstick & Ellipses

Domestic Short Hair | 7 Months 23 Days | Male

Ellipses is an affectionate and fun black kitten. Well, he is actually a secret tabby, if you catch him in the right light you can see the coloring! He plays hard and naps hard too. He is very friendly and loves cuddles, being held, head scratches and following his foster around. He’s a lovely ball of energy and a goofball, and you’ll always have the best time playing with this energetic boy!

Chapstick is two months older than Ellipses and is a super sweet and super soft boy. His foster likes to call him a tuxedo remix, and he’s the best gentleman in the world! He is slightly more skittish than his younger buddy, but he has really come out of his shell (and out from under the bed). He loves cuddling with his foster parents while they work, watch TV, and take a nap. Chapstick’s favorite thing to do is cuddle up in your arms in the morning and snooze together. He loves big pats and loves to bump your hand to ask for pets.

Ellipses and Chapstick are a perfect pair! They love to play, cuddle and groom each other. They have lived in a home with other cats and would likely do well in a house with other pets or children. They are both fairly relaxed and Ellipses always wants new friends. Often times they like to cuddle one on each side of their foster. Bring home your new best friends today! 


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