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Moon Pie

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Years 2 Months | Female

Moon Pie is a petite lady who likes to make biscuits and receive scritches from her humans. She has black fur with a chocolate tone. When Moon Pie was first rescued, she was emaciated and severely underweight. Even though she didn't have too much strength to move around at first, she still appreciated the scritches and would sit up to try to get petted. This gentle and sweet girl loves nothing but getting pets. She isn't a high-energy cat and instead, all she wants is to be with her humans. 

We don't know what Moon Pie's story was before she was rescued. It is clear she once had a home but somehow she was left on the streets to fend for herself. We sadly can’t re-write Moon Pie's history. What we do know is that Moon Pie is ready to start a new chapter of her life. Can you be the one to write the next chapter in Moon Pie's story? She doesn't mind other cats but would be happiest as your one and only. She would appreciate a quiet home where she could receive lots and lots of pets.

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