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Mayo & Halo

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 1 Year 3 Months |

Halo (who could totally be mistaken for a bunny because he loves to hop around) is a gray tripod kitten with a bobcat tail who might seem a bit timid at first, but quickly fills the room with his adorable chirps once he’s settled in. An expert “bird-catcher” who loves his stick toy with feathers on a string, he will bolt into the room to catch his prey and drag it under the bed to finish it off no matter what mood he’s in, but soon afterwards will bring it back to bed to share with us humans. Temptations treats provide a more peaceful approach to winning his heart, and once he’s relaxed he will curl up with you to make biscuits until he falls asleep.

Mayo the tabby was originally the extra spicy kitten, hissing at every move her first few days inside, but has since turned into a HUGE cuddle bug that follows us wherever we go. Now that she doesn't believe in personal space anymore, she will plop herself directly on top of your lap (or directly on top of other cats who might be getting their own dose of attention), rolling around to create the biggest cuddle-puddle she can. Mayo loves Churu treats and any other snack you’re willing to give her (deli turkey is a favorite). She also has a little white mouse that she prefers over all of the other toys - she will drop on your lap and expect you to throw it so she can chase it to play fetch over and over and over and...


The two of them love to snuggle and play together, and absolutely adore our adult resident cats so would likely be happy in a home with or without other pets. Their new favorite game is for me to flick a small piece of dry food across the floor so that they can chase after it to see who can get it first, almost like a hockey goalie - they block the puck and eat it up!

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