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Halo & Mayo

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 8 Months 1 Day |

Halo and Mayo are BFF brother and sister who have been retired from the former spicy kitten life and transitioning into cuddly love bugs.

Halo may be a tripod with a bobcat tail, but that doesn’t stop him from playing and loving life! He loves to play chase with his foster sister back and forth across the house, and is especially in love with dry Temptations treats. He can hear the pop tab open multiple rooms away and will immediately come over knowing that it’s treat time! He is still a little nervous when approached from above, but he loves to cuddle in bed when winding down for the night, where he instantly melts and purrs away. If you spend enough time scratching his butt his purrs go into hyperdrive!

Mayo used to be the extra spicy kitten, hissing at every move the first night inside, but has since turned into a HUGE cuddle bug and follows his foster around the house at all times. She even knows to start rubbing on her foster's hand to get pets. She may jump away every once in a while but knows that she is now safe inside and is learning to relax more and more every day.

These two cats are bonded and must be adopted together -- applications for just one of them will not be processed.

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