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Pier and Piles

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 6 Months 18 Days | Male

Introducing Pier and Piles the dynamic duo of bonded brothers! These babies were found as tiny kittens in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and we rescued along with two siblings and their mom. Pier is all black, while Piles sports a splotchy tuxedo. This pair is the sweetest around town, these guys do just about everything together. In the wilds of an NYC apartment, they can be found chasing each other and zooming around, testing their prowess any chance they get! They love to run, pounce, play fight, and climb (sometimes your leg!). Once they clock out of their regularly scheduled kitty play time, they shift right into cuddle mode and will cozy up right next to you! They can be found sleeping on your lap, in your arms, and on your shoulders if the mood strikes. Did I mention they love food? Pier is super vocal, especially around food time, he will mew to the heavens, and has a chirpy purr! Piles always makes sure everyone gets a personal bath including you! They are both quite adventurous and take turns leading each other on expeditions, although Pier is the bolder one. These two love meeting new people and enjoy lots of attention! They would likely get along with other pets as well. Pier and Piles purr non-stop and are excited to meet their forever people!


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