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Presto and Shazam

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 3 Months | Male

Presto and Shazam are two brothers who will bring so much love to your home! They adore their humans and are the happiest when they are getting scritches. They also love playtime and their current favorite is laser pointers. They also love each other. As a pair, they take care of each other, cuddle and play.

Presto might be the most intelligent cat you’ll ever meet. Having lived with a family that worked from home, he started learning to ask permission for cuddles and head scratches all on his own! A gentle “no” and he’ll come back later, but patting your lap, he will eagerly join you in your workday!

Shazam, while having a very different personality, is equally impressive. He will find a spot to call his own and get very excited for head scratches and pets whenever you pass by. Quick to give love and purr, he adores everyone, big and small.

These boys are just the sweetest. They are family-friendly, good with kids, affectionate, and fun! Put in an application today and bring home the best brothers and enjoy a lifetime of love, cuddles, and playful adventures with the best brothers in town!

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