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Fritto Misto & Pots de Creme

Domestic Short Hair | 7 Months 18 Days | Male

Fritto Misto and Pots de Creme are as delicious as their name implies. This tuxedo and tabby pair of brothers will fill your home with equal parts cuddles and hilarity. Fritto in particular loves to be held. Scoop him up and hold him like a baby and he'll purr immediately while reaching out to touch your face with his paws. Creme loves to cuddle too, and will curl up next to you so you can pet his belly while he makes air biscuits. Best things about Fritto: 1. He likes to walk about making sweet little grumbling sounds, and will meow at you if you talk to him. 2. His little mouth always seems to be the slightest bit open, especially when he's asleep. Best things about Creme: 1. He loves to head butt, and it's often his move of choice when seeking attention. 2. He loves to sleep on his back and bend into all kinds of seemingly impossible positions. These perfect boys are bonded brothers and need to be adopted together!

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