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Seaweed & Mint

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 7 Months 3 Days |

Do you fancy some cats that are high energy but also offer maximum cuddles? Then these two are for you! Brother and sister pair Seaweed and Mint will carreen around your home and then settle down in a lap (or on top of or next to whatever body part you offer them) for a long snooze. Really, nothing makes them happier than a good snuggle with a person. Okay, maybe dinner makes them equally happy.

The boy, Seaweed, is mostly dark gray with some white splashes. The girl, Mint, is a swirl of the same colors. She also features an adorable pink mouth and some very Goth-looking dark eyeliner. While she is considerably smaller than her brother, she gives as good as she gets when the two wrestle with each other.

Seaweed and Mint get along fabulously. They’ll play together and wrestle, but never fight. Mint will be the first to find your lap and then Seaweed will follow and plop himself down on top of her if there isn’t sufficient space for his bigger body. Don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning with both of them on top of you (or racing across you). And, no, they will not meow you awake to feed them. They will wait until you wake up to begin reminding you that it’s time for breakfast, like civilized cats.

Seaweed is a higher-energy cat than his sister, but be aware that they will both jump up on any surface they can reach and walk across whatever you are working on. They will climb into anything you open–drawers, dish-washers, washing machines, garbage cans, refrigerators…. They don’t believe in boundaries. Those are for lesser cats. That means they have no boundaries in the bathroom either. Expect Seaweed to jump in your lap while you’re on the toilet.

Both cats are excellent with their litter box and do not scratch furniture. Seaweed will be timid with visitors (and you, at first) but they would likely do well in a home with or without children.


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