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Tres Leches

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 3 Years 3 Months | Male

Meet Tres Leches! That's right... this guy only has three legs! 

Tres Leches was born with three legs and had lived his entire life on the streets of Queens before he was brought inside.

This sweet boy has been through a lot, so he's taking some time to learn that humans just want to love him, but you can see how much he really wants to! Once you start scratching his left chin, his hind hump immediately starts phantom scratching too. When you pet his butt, he will elevate his butt to show you how happy he is.

Even though he's a scaredy cat at the moment (and mostly wants to stay safe in his little unicorn bed), he's getting a little braver each and every day. Tres Leches really does love chin scratches and butt rubs. He doesn't ask for much. All he wants is a patient, quiet home and his human to help him come all the way out of his (adorable) shell and maybe give him a lot of treats along the way. It will be so rewarding to help him learn to trust humans again and see him blossom.

Tres Leches is FIV+ and will live a normal healthy and long life when provided with quality care such as a balanced diet and yearly wellness exams (like any cat). As FIV+ is not transmittable between neutered/spayed cats under normal circumstances, we are happy for FIV+ cats to mingle with FIV- cats in their adoptive homes.

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