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Barbie & Feyre

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 6 Months 12 Days | Female

Are you looking for a hilariously entertaining pair of kittens? Look no further than Barbie and Feyre!

Barbie(orange) is a silly and sweet girl. She will greet you at the door when you get home, follow you around and supervise you as you prep her food. She will even taste test it ahead of time to make sure it’s ok for the others to eat. She will sit on you in the morning, and with her light fur and dark eyes you will think an alien has come to abduct you. Barbie will definitely abduct your heart! 

Feyre (tabby) may be smaller than the rest, but she thinks she is the same size, and her personality is definitely big! She is skittish with strangers, so she will need time to win your trust. But when she does, she will literally be in your face. And try to eat your food. A tiny purr machine, she loves to sit and sleep on your chest. And will snuggle close at night.

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