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Mai Tai and Frose

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 7 Months 28 Days |

Frose and Mai Tai are the best of friends and live to play and cuddle together. Mai Tai loves cuddles, sleeping in your lap, and simply sitting with you while you work or relax. He loves to play hide and seek with his sister, hiding under furniture and jumping out to chase her when she least suspects it. Although he usually wants to be as close to his human as possible, he also enjoys hiding away in closets or boxes to take naps or sleep with his sister in their favorite window perch.

Frose is the more active of the two, loving to jump, climb, and explore. She especially loves when her brother gets the zoomies so they can play and chase each other around. She loves watching the world through the window, playing with her favorite toy mice, and hiding in paper bags. Although she is more independent than her brother, she is still super cuddly and loves to sleep under the covers with her human at night, gives kisses, and purrs unbelievably loudly when she gets scratches. 

Both Frose and Mai Tai love people and love when guests come to visit them but they also are independent, spending their days playing and sleeping together when they are home alone.


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